The VO2 Max Calculator for Men evaluates aerobic endurance. VO2 Max, or maximal oxygen uptake, measures how efficiently your body uses oxygen during intense exercise.

VO2 Max Calculator for Men

Calculate your VO2 Max to gauge your aerobic endurance. You can enter distance in either miles or meters.

VO2 Max: 0 ml/kg/min

How to Use:

  • Complete a 12-minute run.
  • Measure the distance covered. You can input this distance in either miles or meters.
  • Enter the distance into the calculator.
  • Receive your VO2 Max value in ml/kg/min.

Formula and Calculation

The calculator uses the Cooper test formula: VO2Max=(35.97×distance in miles)−11.29

If the distance is entered in meters, it is first converted to miles (1 mile = 1609.34 meters).


  1. Distance: 1 mile (approx. 1609 meters)
    VO2 Max = (35.97 × 1) – 11.29 = 24.68 ml/kg/min
  2. Distance: 2.4 miles (approx. 3862 meters)
    VO2 Max = (35.97 × 2.4) – 11.29 = 74.66 ml/kg/min
  3. Distance: 3200 meters (approx. 1.99 miles)
    VO2 Max = (35.97 × 1.99) – 11.29 = 60.34 ml/kg/min

Understanding Results: VO2 Max values above 50 ml/kg/min are excellent. Improving your VO2 Max through regular aerobic exercise can enhance both fitness and health.

VO2 Max values are estimations influenced by factors such as age, gender, fitness level, and altitude. The calculator is specifically tailored for men. The accuracy might vary for women or children.