A tool to calculate VO2 Max, indicating aerobic endurance in women. VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during exercise.

VO2 Max Calculator for Women

Calculate your VO2 Max to gauge your aerobic endurance. You can enter distance in either kilometers or miles.

VO2 Max: 0 ml/kg/min

How to Use:

  1. Time a 12-minute run.
  2. Measure the distance in kilometers or miles.
  3. Input the distance into the calculator.
  4. Get your VO2 Max in ml/kg/min.

Formula Used: VO2Max=(22.351×distance in kilometers)−11.288 For miles, the distance is converted to kilometers first.


  1. 1.5 kilometers:
    VO2 Max = (22.351 × 1.5) – 11.288 = 22.24 ml/kg/min
  2. 1 mile (approx. 1.61 kilometers):
    VO2 Max = (22.351 × 1.61) – 11.288 = 24.69 ml/kg/min
  3. 2 miles (approx. 3.22 kilometers):
    VO2 Max = (22.351 × 3.22) – 11.288 = 60.61 ml/kg/min

Understanding Results

High VO2 Max values indicate better cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. Regular training can improve VO2 Max levels.

VO2 Max values vary based on factors like age, fitness level, and genetics. This calculator is optimized for women and provides an estimation of aerobic capacity.

VO2 Max is a critical measure in exercise physiology, reflecting the efficiency of oxygen use by your body during intense activity. It is a key indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness and overall physical health. Regular aerobic exercise, like running or cycling, can significantly enhance your VO2 Max, contributing to improved heart health and endurance.