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  • Онлайн калькулятор миллиметров в дюймы

Millimeters to Inches Online Calculator

If you are looking to buy something that is measured in imperial units, then you may need to convert millimeters to inches. This is easy to do if you know that one millimeter is 0.0394 inches. You don't need to memorize this if you have our fast and easy online [...]

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  • Онлайн-калькулятор дюймов в миллиметры и обратно

Inches to Millimeters Handy Online Calculator

Inches is a measure from the imperial system used in the USA, Great Britain and some other countries. Millimeters are one tenth of a centimeter from the metric system. To convert from one value to another, you can remember that one inch contains 25.4 millimeters. Or, you can skip remembering [...]

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