The Ideal Weight Calculator helps determine your perfect body weight based on height and gender. It supports both metric (cm, kg) and imperial (ft, in, lbs) units. This tool uses the Devine Formula for a quick reference to ideal body weight, offering a simple approach to understanding weight targets.

Perfect Weight Calculator

Find your ideal body weight based on height and gender in metric or imperial units.

Perfect Weight:

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Select Gender: Choose your gender from the ‘Gender’ dropdown.
  2. Choose System: Pick ‘Metric’ or ‘Imperial’ from the ‘System’ dropdown.
  3. Enter Height: If metric, input height in cm. If imperial, input feet and inches.
  4. Calculate: Click the ‘Calculate’ button to get your ideal weight.

Formula Used

The Devine Formula is used:

  • For men: 50 + 0.91 * (height cm – 152.4)
  • For women: 45.5 + 0.91 * (height cm – 152.4)

The Devine Formula is developed by Dr. B.J. Devine in 1974, it was originally intended to be used to calculate the appropriate dosages for medical use, particularly the dosages of medications based on body weight and height. Over time, it has been adopted more broadly as a way to suggest ideal body weight in general health and wellness contexts.

For imperial units, height is converted to cm before calculation. Ideal weight in pounds is derived by converting the kilogram result.


  1. Man, 180 cm: Ideal weight is around 76 kg.
  2. Woman, 5’4″: Ideal weight is around 120 lbs.
  3. Man, 6’0″: Ideal weight is around 165 lbs.

Ideal Weight Calculator: Metric & Imperial

Additional Information

This calculator provides a quick way to understand ideal body weight. Different factors like body composition and age can influence ideal weight. Consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice.