The Alcohol Elimination Time Calculator estimates how long it takes for alcohol to be metabolized and eliminated from the body based on the amount consumed and individual’s body weight.

Alcohol Elimination Calculator

Estimate the time for alcohol to leave your system.

Weight (kg):

Amount Consumed (g):

Hours Drinking:

Estimated Elimination Time:


How to Use the Calculator

Enter your weight in kilograms and the amount of alcohol consumed in grams. Specify the hours over which you drank. Click “Calculate” to get the estimated time until you’re sober.

The calculator provides an estimated time for alcohol to fully leave your system, helping you plan for safe and responsible consumption.

What is it?

This Alcohol Elimination Calculator estimates the time required for alcohol to exit your system. It’s a tool for anyone needing to understand how long until they might sober up after drinking.

Formula Used

The calculator uses the formula: BAC = (Amount Consumed / Weight) * 0.07. It assumes a constant alcohol elimination rate of 0.015 per hour, which is typical for average adults.


  • 80kg, 200g, 2 hours: Approximately 13 hours to sober up.
  • 60kg, 100g, 1 hour: Around 6.5 hours until sober.
  • 70kg, 150g, 3 hours: Estimated 10 hours to eliminate alcohol.

Additional Information

The calculator provides an estimation based on average rates. Individual results vary due to factors like metabolism, age, and health conditions. Always use the results as a guide rather than a definitive timeline.