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  • Перевести тонны в килограммы: онлайн-калькулятор

Convert Tons to Kilograms: Free Online Calculator

Tons and kilograms are units of measure for weight. The metric system includes these values. One ton is exactly 1000 kilograms, but you don't have to remember that. You can simply bookmark our online calculator. Convert tons to kilograms in one click, it's fast and convenient!   [...]

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  • Онлайн калькулятор миллиметров в дюймы

Millimeters to Inches Online Calculator

If you are looking to buy something that is measured in imperial units, then you may need to convert millimeters to inches. This is easy to do if you know that one millimeter is 0.0394 inches. You don't need to memorize this if you have our fast and easy online [...]

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  • Онлайн-калькулятор дюймов в миллиметры и обратно

Inches to Millimeters Handy Online Calculator

Inches is a measure from the imperial system used in the USA, Great Britain and some other countries. Millimeters are one tenth of a centimeter from the metric system. To convert from one value to another, you can remember that one inch contains 25.4 millimeters. Or, you can skip remembering [...]

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  • Перевести дюймы в сантиметры: онлайн-калькулятор

Convert Inches to Centimeters: Handy Online Calculator

A centimeter is a metric measure equal to one hundredth of a meter. One centimeter is approximately 0.394 inches. Legend has it that a centimeter is the average width of a nail in an average person. Here you can convert inches to centimeters using our simple and handy online calculator. [...]

  • Перевести сантиметры в дюймы: онлайн-калькулятор

Convert Centimeters to Inches: Handy Online Calculator

One inch equals two whole and fifty-four hundredths of a centimeter. The most famous legend of the origin of this unit of measurement is that an inch is the approximate width of the thumb. It is designated as two top dashes ("). A centimeter is a metric measure equal to [...]

  • Онлайн калькулятор мм2 в м2. Удобный и быстрый конвертер

Convert mm2 to m2 Online. Handy and Fast Calculator

Square millimeters, just like square meters, is a unit for measuring the area of ​​various shapes. One meter2 is 1000000 millimeters2. The calculations in the mind are difficult, because the numbers are so big. We simplified your life and created a simple, convenient and fast online mm2 to m2 calculator. [...]

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  • Онлайн конвертер МПа в кгс/см2. Вычислите в один клик!

MPa to kgf/cm2 converter. Calculate online in one click!

Megapascals, like kilograms of force per square centimeter, are pressure measurements. They show what force affects a certain surface area, most often the inner surface of the pipe. One megapascal is equal to 10.197162 kilograms of force per square centimeter. But you do not have to do the calculations yourself. [...]

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