The MPa to PSI Calculator is a tool that converts pressure values from Megapascals (MPa) to Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). It’s designed for quick, accurate conversions.

MPa to PSI Converter

Quickly convert megapascal (MPa) to pounds per square inch (PSI) using this simple tool.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter the MPa Value: Type the pressure in megapascals into the input box.
  2. Hit Convert: Click the convert button to get the equivalent pressure in pounds per square inch.
  3. View Result: The converted PSI value will appear instantly.

Formula Used

The conversion formula from MPa to PSI is straightforward:

PSI = MPa * 145.038


  • 1 MPa to PSI: 1 MPa is approximately 145.038 PSI.
  • 2.5 MPa to PSI: 2.5 MPa is approximately 362.595 PSI.
  • 5 MPa to PSI: 5 MPa is approximately 725.19 PSI.

MPa to PSI Simple Conversion Calculator

Understanding MPa and PSI

  • MPa (Megapascal): A unit of pressure equal to one million pascals, widely used in engineering.
  • PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): A common unit of pressure used primarily in the United States.

Understanding these units and their conversion is crucial for engineers, scientists, and professionals in related fields to communicate and apply pressure measurements accurately. Use this calculator to ensure your values are precise and understood universally.