This calculator determines the daily caloric intake needed to achieve your desired weight loss rate. It factors in your basal metabolic rate and activity level to create a personalized calorie deficit plan.

Calorie Deficit Calculator

Calculate your daily calorie needs for weight loss.

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How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter Personal Details: Input your weight, height, age, and gender.
  2. Select Activity Level: Choose your typical daily activity range.
  3. Set Weight Loss Goal: Input your desired weight loss per week.
  4. Calculate: Click the button to get your daily caloric needs and deficit.
  5. Read Results: Adjust your diet according to the calculated caloric needs and deficit for weight loss.

Formula Used

BMR (Mifflin-St Jeor): BMR = (10 × weight in kg) + (6.25 × height in cm) – (5 × age in years) + s (where s is +5 for males, -161 for females). TDEE = BMR × activity level. Deficit needed for weight loss is subtracted from TDEE.

Realistic Scenarios

  • 60kg, 170cm, 25-year-old female, sedentary, 0.5kg loss/week: Needs about 1450 calories/day.
  • 80kg, 180cm, 30-year-old male, moderately active, 1kg loss/week: Requires around 2300 calories/day.
  • 70kg, 160cm, 40-year-old female, lightly active, 0.5kg loss/week: Should consume approximately 1600 calories/day.
Daily Calorie Deficit Calculator: Plan Your Diet

Don’t overcalculate it, eat food, not calculations

Additional Information

The calculator provides an estimated caloric intake based on average metabolic rates. Individual rates may vary due to personal health, genetic factors, and specific dietary needs. For tailored advice, consider consulting a healthcare or nutrition professional. Use this tool as a guide to understand and manage your dietary needs effectively for your weight loss journey.