The Mortgage Calculator is a tool designed to give you a clear understanding of your monthly mortgage payments. It includes additional features to calculate the impact of annual taxes and initial down payments on your overall payment structure.

Mortgage Calculator with Tax

Calculate your monthly mortgage payments including taxes and down payment.

Monthly Payment:
Total Payment with Tax:

What Can It Do?

This calculator provides:

  • Monthly mortgage payment amount.
  • Total monthly payment including property taxes.
  • Adjustments for down payments.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter Loan Details: Input your loan amount, annual interest rate, and loan term in years.
  2. Include Taxes and Down Payment: Enter the annual tax rate percentage and down payment if applicable.
  3. Calculate: Press the calculate button to see both your monthly payment and total monthly payment including taxes.

Formula Used

The monthly mortgage payment is calculated using the formula:



  • P is the monthly payment.
  • L is the loan amount (principal minus down payment).
  • c is the monthly interest rate (annual interest divided by 12 months).
  • n is the number of payments (loan term in years times 12).

Monthly tax is calculated as: T=(Principal×TaxRate)/12

Total payment with tax is simply the sum of the monthly mortgage payment and monthly tax.

Simple Mortgage Calculator


  1. $200,000 loan, 5% interest, 30 years, 2% tax:

    • Monthly Payment: $1073.64
    • Total with Tax: $1173.64
  2. $500,000 loan, 3.5% interest, 15 years, 1.5% tax, $50,000 down:

    • Monthly Payment: $3217.13
    • Total with Tax: $3292.13
  3. $350,000 loan, 4% interest, 20 years, no tax, $20,000 down:

    • Monthly Payment: $1911.96
    • Total with Tax: Same as monthly payment

Understanding Mortgages

Mortgages are typically the largest loan most people will take. Understanding how down payments, interest, and taxes affect your monthly payment can help you make informed decisions about financing your home.

In Conclusion

This Mortgage Calculator is designed to simplify the complexities of your mortgage payments. By incorporating down payments and taxes, it gives a comprehensive view of monthly obligations, helping you plan and budget effectively for your home financing needs. Use it to navigate the various options and find a plan that suits your financial situation best.