The Arccos Calculator is a user-friendly online tool designed to calculate the arccosine (inverse cosine) of a given value. This calculator is essential for students, educators, and professionals who require quick and accurate trigonometric calculations in mathematics, physics, engineering, and other related fields.

Arccos Calculator

Enter a value between -1 and 1 to calculate the arccosine.

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How to Use the Calculator

To use the Arccos Calculator, simply input a numeric value between -1 and 1 in the designated field. Upon clicking the ‘Calculate Arccos’ button, the calculator will display the arccosine of the input value in both degrees and radians. Additionally, it provides the calculation process for educational purposes. If you need to start over, use the ‘Clear’ button to reset all fields.

Understanding the Formula and Calculations

The calculator uses the mathematical arccosine function to convert the input value into an angle. The formula for the arccosine in radians is acos(value), and it is converted to degrees using the relation degrees = radians * (180 / π). The output includes the standard arccosine value and, for completeness, its supplementary angle, calculated as 360° - arccosine in degrees and 2π - arccosine in radians.

Arccos Calculator Online - Simple and Accurate Angle Calculations