The vast majority of rooms are parallelepiped or cube-shaped, that is, they have a rectangular or square floor shape. To calculate the area of ​​such a room, you need to multiply the length by the width. Just measure the length of the two walls and multiply these values. You do not have to calculate in your mind, do this in our online room calculator. It is very simple and fast! Below you can see all the instructions.

What if my room has a complex shape?

  • If your room has the shape of a circle, triangle or oval, then you need to use the appropriate calculator.
  • If your room consists of several rectangles, then you need to calculate the area of ​​each rectangle, then summarize all the results.
  • Perhaps it will be easier for you to find documents indicating the area of ​​the room, or request such documents from the owner of the room.
  • You may be able to find out the area of ​​the premises on the website of the construction company that built the premises.
Room Area Calculator. Simple Online Tool

You need to know the exact area of ​​the room in order to cover the floor with linoleum, stone or other material.