The Derivative Calculator is designed to provide quick and accurate derivatives for any algebraic function by entering the coefficient and power of x separately. It’s a user-friendly tool for students, teachers, and anyone interested in mathematics.

Derivative Calculator

Calculate the derivative of a function.


How to Use the Calculator

  1. Input the Coefficient: Enter the coefficient of x (e.g., 3 for 3x²) in the ‘Coefficient’ field.
  2. Input the Power of x: Specify the power to which x is raised in the ‘Power of x’ field.
  3. Set the Value of x: Determine the x value at which you wish to evaluate the derivative.
  4. Calculate: Press the “Calculate” button to obtain the derivative.

Formula Used

The calculator uses the power rule of differentiation, expressed as: derivative of ax^n = n*ax^(n-1). Simply input the values of ‘a’ (coefficient) and ‘n’ (power) to find the derivative.


  1. For 3x² at x=1: Enter 3 in coefficient, 2 in power, and 1 in x value to get 6 as the output.
  2. For 4x³ at x=2: Enter 4 in coefficient, 3 in power, and 2 in x value to get 48 as the output.
  3. For 5x⁴ at x=0: Enter 5 in coefficient, 4 in power, and 0 in x value to get 0 as the output.

Derivative Calculator: Instant Function Derivations

Additional Information

This calculator simplifies derivative calculations by breaking down the function into its basic components. It’s designed for educational purposes and should be used as a guide for learning and verifying derivative computations. Ensure your inputs are correct for accurate results.