This Decimal to Fraction Calculator is a tool designed to transform any decimal number into both its pure fraction form and its mixed number form. It’s useful for students, professionals, or anyone needing to interpret decimal numbers as fractions.

Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Convert decimals to fractions or mixed numbers.

Fraction: Enter a number
Mixed Number: Enter a number

What Can It Do?

The calculator converts a decimal into two types of fractional representations:

  • Pure Fraction: Expresses the decimal as a single fraction.
  • Mixed Number: Expresses the decimal as a whole number and a fraction.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Input Decimal: Enter the decimal number you want to convert into the input field.
  2. Convert: Press the ‘Convert’ button to get the fractional representations.
  3. View Results: The calculator displays the conversion as both a pure fraction and a mixed number.
Convert Decimals to Fractions Easily

You don’t need to be as smart as the creator of the Universe to be able to use our online tool

Formula Used

The conversion involves dividing the decimal into its whole number and fractional parts. The fractional part is then expressed as a ratio of two integers. The greatest common divisor (GCD) method is used to simplify the fraction to its lowest terms. The basic formula for a decimal ‘d’ is:

  • Pure Fraction: Numerator = d * denominator, Denominator = appropriate power of 10
  • Mixed Number: Separate whole part and fractional part, then reduce fractional part.


  • 1.14 converts to:
    • Pure Fraction: 57/50
    • Mixed Number: 1, 7/50
  • 2.75 converts to:
    • Pure Fraction: 11/4
    • Mixed Number: 2, 3/4
  • 0.333 converts to:
    • Pure Fraction: 333/1000 (often further simplified)
    • Mixed Number: 0, 333/1000

The Fraction Advantage

Fractions provide a clear understanding of parts to a whole, which can be more intuitive than decimals in many mathematical and real-world scenarios. They are particularly useful in areas like cooking, carpentry, and mathematics, where precise ratios and proportions are crucial.

In Conclusion

This Decimal to Fraction Calculator makes it straightforward to convert any decimal into a fraction or mixed number, helping you visualize and work with numbers more effectively. Whether you’re studying, working, or satisfying curiosity, this tool provides the exact fractional representation you need for comprehensive understanding and accurate calculation.