The Time to Decimal Calculator transforms time given in hours and minutes into a decimal format. It’s ideal for payroll, billing, and other time-related calculations.

Time to Decimal Calculator

Convert time in hours, minutes, and seconds to decimal format.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the time in hours, minutes and seconds in their respective fields.
  2. Click ‘Calculate’ to get the decimal format.
  3. The result appears immediately below the button.

Formula Used

Decimal Time = Hours + (Minutes / 60) This formula converts minutes into a fraction of an hour.


  1. 2 hours 30 minutes = 2 + (30/60) = 2.50
  2. 1 hour 45 minutes = 1 + (45/60) = 1.75
  3. 3 hours 15 minutes = 3 + (15/60) = 3.25

Time to Decimal Calculator - Quick and Precise Converter

Educate Yourself: Time in Decimals

Why Decimals? Using decimal time simplifies billing, payroll, and time management. It’s easier to multiply and calculate with decimals than with traditional time formats.

Beyond the Basics:

  1. Many industries prefer decimal time for its precision.
  2. It aligns seamlessly with the metric system.
  3. Decimal time aids in accurate project tracking and resource planning.