The Gallons per Minute to Liters per Second Conversion Calculator is an efficient online tool for converting fluid flow rates between two commonly used units: gallons per minute (GPM) and liters per second (LPS). This tool is invaluable for professionals in plumbing, water management, and various engineering fields.

Gallons per Minute to Liters per Second Converter

Convert flow rate between gallons per minute (gpm) and liters per second (l/s).

How to Use

To convert from gallons per minute to liters per second, enter the flow rate in GPM into the first input field. The equivalent flow rate in LPS will automatically be calculated and displayed in the second field. Conversely, to convert from liters per second to gallons per minute, enter the LPS value, and the GPM value will be updated. The calculator allows for bidirectional conversions.

Conversion Formula

The calculator uses the following conversion formulas:

  • To convert GPM to LPS: Liters per Second = Gallons per Minute * 0.06309
  • To convert LPS to GPM: Gallons per Minute = Liters per Second / 0.06309

These formulas ensure accurate conversions based on the standard relationship between gallons and liters.

Convert GPM to LPS - Flow Rate Calculator

Educational Insight

Gallons per minute (GPM) and liters per second (LPS) are units used to measure fluid flow rate – the volume of fluid that passes a point in a given time. GPM is commonly used in the United States, while LPS is used in countries that follow the metric system.

The conversion between these units is essential for applications in industries like water treatment, chemical processing, and irrigation systems. Understanding and converting these units accurately is crucial for effective fluid management in various engineering and environmental contexts. This calculator provides a simple yet essential tool for professionals and students dealing with fluid dynamics and flow measurements.