This calculator determines the weight of steel pipes or any cylindrical material based on dimensions and density. It’s used in various fields such as construction, engineering, and material science for accurate weight estimations.

Steel Pipe Weight Calculator

Calculate the weight of a steel pipe in kilograms based on dimensions and material density.

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How to Use the Calculator

  1. Outer Diameter: Enter the pipe’s outer diameter in millimeters.
  2. Wall Thickness: Provide the wall thickness in millimeters.
  3. Length: Input the total length of the pipe in meters.
  4. Density: Adjust the material density as needed in kg/m³; the default is set for steel.
  5. Calculate: Click to receive the weight of the pipe in kilograms.

Formula Used

The calculator uses the following formula to determine the weight of the pipe:

Weight = (π/4) * (Outer Diameter^2 – Inner Diameter^2) * Length * Density

Where the Inner Diameter is calculated as Outer Diameter – 2 x Wall Thickness.

Common Precalculated Values

  • 50mm OD, 5mm Wall, 1m Length, Steel: Approximately 7.85 kg
  • 100mm OD, 10mm Wall, 2m Length, Steel: Approximately 62.8 kg
  • 150mm OD, 15mm Wall, 3m Length, Steel: Approximately 212.7 kg

These values are based on the density of steel (7850 kg/m³). Adjust the density for accurate weights of pipes made from other materials.

Steel Pipe Weight Calculator

Additional Information

This tool is designed for simplicity and accuracy, considering the most common scenarios in steel pipe weight calculation. Always ensure that the measurements and density values are as precise as possible for accurate weight estimations.