Kilometers is a measure of distance in the metric system, 1 km is equal to 1000 meters. A mile is a unit of distance in the imperial system of measurement, one mile is equal to 1760 yards or 5280 feet. To convert miles to kilometers, you need to multiply miles by 1.609. Or simply use our fast, convenient and incredibly accurate online mile to kilometer calculator. Add this page to your favorites to always have this converter at hand.

Convert Miles to Kilometers Online

Visual comparison of kilometers and miles

Calculation formula

To convert miles to kilometers, we used the exact formula:

Km = miles * 1.60934399

To convert back, use this formula:

Miles = km / 1.60934399

A bit of history

The kilometer and the mile are the two most common distance units in the world. But where did they come from?


The kilometer is a metric unit of measurement that was introduced in France at the end of the 18th century during the French Revolution. It was created to simplify measurements and has become the standard unit for measuring distances in the metric system. The word “kilometer” comes from the Greek words “χίλια” (tysiąc) and “μέτρον” (miara), which means “thousand measures”.


The mile is an English unit of distance that has its roots in the Roman Empire. It was then that the mile was defined as the distance that a legionnaire would cover in 1000 steps. Over time, the mile has evolved into a more accurate unit of measurement and has become the standard in the UK and the US.

Today, the kilometer is used by most countries in the world, while the mile is an older unit of measure still widely used in the US and UK. And although they have different origin stories, their application in the modern world remains an integral part of our lives.