Centimeters and meters are units of length in the metric system. One meter is a hundred centimeters. To convert cm to meters, you need to divide centimeters by 100. But you can just relax and use our handy online calculator.

Calculation formula

To manually convert centimeters to meters, use this simple formula:

m = cm / 100

To do the opposite, you need to multiply the meters by 100:

cm = m * 100

Table of ready values

Centimeters (cm) Meters (m)
1 cm 0.01 m
10 cm 0.1 m
165 cm 1.65 m
198 cm 1.98 m
400 cm 4 m
500 cm 5 m
600 cm 6 m
700 cm 7 m
800 cm 8 m
900 cm 9 m
1000 cm 10 m
2000 cm 20 m
5000 cm 50 m
8000 cm 80 m
10000 cm 100 m

How did the units of measurement meter and centimeter come about?

The concept of the metric system of units was introduced in France at the end of the 18th century. In 1791, the French Academy of Sciences was appointed to develop a standard for length that would be universal and independent of any local tradition or unit of measurement.

The Academy chose a measure of length equal to one ten millionth of the earth’s meridian arc from the North Pole to the equator, passing through Paris. This measure of length was called a meter. You can think of a meter as 0.0000001 of the distance from the North Pole to the equator along the meridian passing through Paris, France. And the centimeter was defined as 0.000000001 of that distance.

Since then, the meter and centimeter have become widely used throughout the world, and are now the standard units for length in the International System of Units (SI) system.

Convert Centimeters to Meters - Online Calculator

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When you might need to convert cm to m

  • Measurement of a person’s height. Some people are better off knowing their height in centimeters, but they may need to convert it to meters for certain activities, such as filling out forms or determining if their height meets certain requirements for amusement park rides.
  • Home Improvement Projects: When measuring furniture or curtains, it may be necessary to convert centimeters to meters, for example if a person needs to buy a yard of cloth to cover their window.
  • Sewing and Handicraft: Some patterns and sizes may be listed in both centimeters and meters, requiring conversion to ensure their design is the correct size.
  • Exercise and fitness. Some fitness activities may include measuring distances, such as running or swimming, and the distance may be given in meters or centimeters depending on the context.
  • Cooking and Baking: Some recipes may list measurements in both centimeters and meters, requiring conversion to ensure they use the correct amount of ingredients.

Comparative examples of measurements in centimeters or meters

  • A sheet of paper can measure 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4 size) or 0.21 m x 0.297 m, which is 1/10 of the size of a square meter.
  • The length of a football field can be 100 meters or 10,000 centimeters.
  • A person’s height can be 1.7 meters or 170 centimeters.
  • The pool can be 25 meters long and 10 meters wide, or 2500 by 1000 centimeters.
  • The distance between two cities can be 400 kilometers or 40,000,000 centimeters.