This calculator efficiently converts between long tons and metric tons, two crucial units of mass used in various industrial and commercial sectors.

Long Tons to Metric Tons Calculator

Convert long tons to metric tons and vice versa.

How to Use the Calculator

  • For Long Tons to Metric Tons: Enter the mass in long tons in the ‘Long Tons’ field. The equivalent mass in metric tons will be automatically displayed.
  • For Metric Tons to Long Tons: Input the mass in metric tons in the ‘Metric Tons’ field. The calculator will instantly provide the corresponding mass in long tons.

Both fields are editable, facilitating reverse calculations and quick adjustments.

Conversion Formula

The conversion is based on the following simple formula:

1 long ton equals 1.01605 metric tons.

This formula ensures accurate conversions between these two important units of mass.

Common Conversion Values

Long Tons Metric Tons
0.5 0.508025
1 1.01605
2 2.0321
5 5.08025
10 10.1605
20 20.321
50 50.8025
100 101.605

Long Tons to Metric Tons Online Converter

Long Tons vs Metric Tons

Long tons, traditionally used in the UK and other Commonwealth countries, are a unit of weight historically based on the weight of 20 hundredweight (cwt). On the other hand, the metric ton, or tonne, is part of the metric system and widely used internationally. It’s equivalent to 1,000 kilograms. This calculator not only simplifies conversions between these two units but also connects us to different systems of measurement, showcasing the evolution of weight standards across the world.