VAT in Germany is 19% for most goods and services. There is also a reduced rate for some products – 7%. We suggest you use the convenient online VAT calculator in Germany. You can calculate the amount that includes or excludes tax of 19% or 7%.

Interesting facts about value added tax in Germany

Not all goods and services in Germany are subject to any VAT. For example, financial services, lending is not subject to this tax. As well as:

  • Volunteer and volunteer services;
  • Educational services for children, training of specialists;
  • Deliveries of goods abroad;
  • Entertainment services (carnivals, exhibitions, zoos, concerts and some others);
  • Long-term rental property.

What is the name of VAT in Germany

The Germans call the value added tax “Umsatzsteuer”, abbreviated “USt”. In the good old days, this tax was called “Mehrwertsteuer”, abbreviated “MwSt”. In Germany, both words are in use. The European abbreviation VAT is also common.

VAT in Germany: Online Calculator. Calculate The Tax 19% and 7%

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