This UK VAT Calculator is designed to compute the Value Added Tax (VAT) and total amount including VAT for any given net amount. It features an adjustable VAT rate, preset to the standard UK rate of 20%.

UK VAT Rate Calculator

Calculate VAT and total cost including VAT for any price. Editable VAT rate.

VAT Amount (£):
Total Amount (£):

How to Use:

  1. Enter the net amount in pounds (£) in the ‘Net Amount’ field.
  2. Input or adjust the VAT rate (%) in the ‘VAT Rate’ field. The default is set to 20%.
  3. Click ‘Calculate VAT’ to see both the VAT amount and total amount including VAT.

Formula Used: VAT Amount = Net Amount × (VAT Rate / 100) Total Amount = Net Amount + VAT Amount

UK VAT Calculator - Calculate Your Tax Easily


  • Net Amount: £100, VAT Rate: 20%
    • VAT Amount: £20, Total Amount: £120
  • Net Amount: £50, VAT Rate: 5%
    • VAT Amount: £2.50, Total Amount: £52.50

Understanding VAT Implications

Navigating VAT in Transactions: VAT, a consumption tax added to the value of goods and services, is crucial in pricing strategies and accounting. This calculator aids in quickly determining the VAT chargeable and the final price inclusive of VAT.

Beyond Calculation:

  • Adjusting the VAT rate is essential for scenarios involving different tax rates or changes in legislation.
  • Understanding VAT is key for businesses to manage prices effectively and comply with tax regulations.