Megapascals, like kilograms of force per square centimeter, are pressure measurements. They show what force affects a certain surface area, most often the inner surface of the pipe. One megapascal is equal to 10.197162 kilograms of force per square centimeter. But you do not have to do the calculations yourself. Use our fast and convenient online MPa to kgf / cm2 converter. We have prepared this calculator to make your life easier.

More information on pressure and pressure units

  • One megapascal is equal to 1,000,000 pascals.
  • Blaise Pascal, the great French physicist and mathematician, gave his name to this pressure measurement.
  • Maintaining the right pressure in the water supply system provides you with the necessary water pressure in your home.
  • A kilogram of force per square centimeter is an international unit of pressure, like a megapascal.
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