The UK Gallon to US Gallon Converter is a practical online tool designed for converting volumes between the British Imperial gallon (used in the UK) and the United States liquid gallon. It’s essential for various applications, including cooking, automotive fuel calculations, and international trade.

UK Gallon to US Gallon Converter

Convert between UK gallons and US gallons effortlessly.

How to Use the Calculator

Simply enter a value in either the UK gallons or US gallons input field. The calculator will automatically compute and display the equivalent volume in the other unit. The conversion is bidirectional, meaning you can start with either UK or US gallons for your calculations.

Understanding the Conversion

The conversion between UK gallons and US gallons is based on the fact that 1 UK gallon is equal to approximately 1.20095 US gallons. The formula used for conversion is:

  • To convert UK gallons to US gallons: multiply by 1.20095
  • To convert US gallons to UK gallons: divide by 1.20095

UK Gallons to US Gallons Conversion Calculator

Volume Measurement: A Historical Perspective

The difference in volume measurement between the UK and the US gallons originates from historical variations in the definition of a gallon. The UK gallon, used in the British Imperial system, is based on the volume of 10 pounds of water at room temperature, while the US gallon, used in the United States customary system, is defined as 231 cubic inches.

This distinction is a remnant of the divergent paths the British Imperial and American systems have taken over centuries. Understanding and accurately converting these volumes is crucial in fields where precise liquid measurement is essential, highlighting the importance of tools like this calculator.