This calculator is designed to simplify conversions between bushels (bu) and liters (L), two common units of volume used in agriculture and storage.

Bushels to Liters Calculator

Convert bushels to liters and vice versa.

How to Use the Calculator

To perform conversions:

  1. Bushels to Liters: Input the number of bushels in the ‘Bushels’ field. The equivalent in liters will automatically be calculated and displayed in the ‘Liters’ field.
  2. Liters to Bushels: For the reverse conversion, enter the liters in the ‘Liters’ field. The corresponding value in bushels will appear in the ‘Bushels’ field.

The input fields are editable for back-and-forth conversions and have pre-defined placeholder values for convenience.

The Conversion Formula

The conversion is based on the following formula:

1 bushel (bu) = 35.2391 liters (L).

This formula ensures accurate and consistent conversions between these units.

Common Conversion Values

Bushels (bu) Liters (L)
0.5 17.62
1 35.24
2 70.48
5 176.20
10 352.39
20 704.78
50 1761.96
100 3523.91

Bushels to Liters Conversion Calculator

Grains and Liquids: Measure History

The bushel, historically used in agricultural contexts, has roots in the old English system and is commonly used in countries like the United States for measuring grains and other dry commodities. The liter, a unit in the metric system, is globally recognized for measuring liquids and dry goods. This calculator bridges the gap between these two measurement systems, reflecting the evolution of trade, agriculture, and scientific measurement. It’s not just a tool for conversion but also a window into the diverse ways humanity has measured and interacted with the world’s resources.