The Triangle Area Calculator is an online tool that quickly computes the area of a triangle given the base and height. It’s essential for educational purposes, construction planning, and various geometrical calculations.

Triangle Area Calculator

Calculate the area of a triangle using base and height.

Area: 0 units²

How to Use the Calculator

  • Input Base: Enter the length of the triangle’s base.
  • Input Height: Enter the triangle’s height, perpendicular to the base.
  • Calculate: Click the button to get the area of the triangle in square units.

Quick Triangle Area Calculator Online

Formula Used

The calculator uses the following simple formula for area calculation:

Area = 0.5 * base * height

This formula is the standard method for finding the area of a triangle using its base and height.


For reference, here are a few examples with common measurements:

  • Base 5 units, Height 10 units: Area = 25 units²
  • Base 8 units, Height 6 units: Area = 24 units²

These examples use the formula where the area is half the product of the base and height. The actual area will depend on the specific base and height values entered.

Additional Information

Accuracy in input leads to accuracy in output. Ensure that the base and height are measured or known precisely before input. This calculator is designed for ease of use, providing quick results for any triangular area calculation, whether in academics, construction, or personal projects.