This calculator efficiently converts power measurements from horsepower (hp) to watts (W) and vice versa. It is perfect for various applications in engineering, automotive, and other technical fields where power unit conversion is essential.

Horsepower to Watts Converter

Convert power units between horsepower and watts efficiently.

How to Use the Calculator

  • For Horsepower to Watts: Enter the value in horsepower in the ‘Horsepower’ field. The equivalent value in watts will automatically be calculated and displayed in the ‘Watts’ field.
  • For Watts to Horsepower: Input the value in watts in the ‘Watts’ field. The calculator will convert it to horsepower and display the result in the ‘Horsepower’ field.

The calculator offers real-time conversion as you input the values.

Conversion Formula

The formula used for conversion is: 1 hp = 745.699872 W. This standard formula ensures precise and accurate conversion from horsepower to watts and back.

Horsepower to Watts Online Converter (hp to W)

Common Conversion Values

Horsepower (hp) Watts (W)
1 745.70
5 3728.49
10 7456.99
20 14913.97
50 37284.94

The Legacy of Power Measurement

Originating in the 18th century by James Watt, horsepower was a unit created to compare the power of steam engines with that of horses. It played a crucial role during the Industrial Revolution and remains a standard in measuring engine power.

Named after James Watt, watts have become the universal unit of power in the scientific community, defining the rate of energy transfer. Watts are integral in understanding electrical systems and mechanical power in today’s technological world.

These units not only mark historical milestones in measuring power but also continue to be central in current scientific and engineering applications.