The Joules to Kilowatt-hours Conversion Calculator is an online tool designed for quick and accurate conversions between these two common units of energy. It’s ideal for professionals in engineering, physics, and energy management, as well as students and educators.

Joules to Kilowatt-hours Converter

Convert energy between Joules and Kilowatt-hours.

How to Use

To use the calculator, simply enter a value in joules to convert it to kilowatt-hours, or input a value in kilowatt-hours to convert it to joules. The calculator is bidirectional, allowing for conversions in both directions with immediate results.

Conversion Formula

The calculator uses the following formulas for conversion:

  • To convert joules to kilowatt-hours: Kilowatt-hours = Joules / 3,600,000
  • To convert kilowatt-hours to joules: Joules = Kilowatt-hours * 3,600,000

These formulas are based on the standard conversion factors in energy measurement.

Joules to Kilowatt-hours Energy Converter Online

Educational Insight

Joules and kilowatt-hours are units used to measure energy. A joule, named after the English physicist James Prescott Joule, is a unit in the International System of Units (SI) and is commonly used in scientific contexts. One joule is the energy transferred when a force of one newton is applied over a distance of one meter.

A kilowatt-hour, commonly used in electricity billing, measures the energy equivalent to a power of one kilowatt running for one hour. Understanding these units is crucial for calculating and understanding energy consumption in various applications. This calculator provides an easy way to navigate between these two important units of energy.