This calculator is designed for converting torque measurements between newton meters (Nm) and foot pounds (ft-lbs), which are crucial in automotive, engineering, and physics applications.

Newton Meters to Foot Pounds Calculator

Convert newton meters to foot pounds and vice versa.

How to Use the Calculator

  • For Newton Meters to Foot Pounds: Input the torque value in newton meters in the ‘Newton Meters’ field. The equivalent in foot pounds will be calculated and displayed.
  • For Foot Pounds to Newton Meters: Enter the torque value in foot pounds in the ‘Foot Pounds’ field. The calculator will automatically convert it to newton meters.

Both input fields are editable, making it convenient to perform reverse calculations.

Conversion Formula

The conversion uses this formula:

1 newton meter (Nm) equals 0.73756 foot pounds (ft-lbs).

This ratio ensures precise and reliable conversions.

Common Conversion Values

Newton Meters (Nm) Foot Pounds (ft-lbs)
1 0.73756
5 3.6878
10 7.3756
20 14.7512
50 36.8780
100 73.7560
200 147.5120
500 368.7800

Convert Newton Meters to Foot Pounds Online

Measuring Force and Rotation

Newton meters and foot pounds are units used to measure torque, a concept vital in physics and engineering. Newton meters, named after Sir Isaac Newton, reflect the metric system, while foot pounds are part of the imperial system. Understanding these units provides insight into the fundamental principles of force and rotational motion. This calculator not only aids in practical conversions but also connects users to the historical and scientific significance of these measurements, highlighting their role in advancements in technology and mechanics.