A liter, like a cubic meter, is a unit of measure for volume or capacity. Although it is a non-systemic unit, the volume of your drink, shampoo, or the volume of the engine in your car is measured in liters. One cubic meter is equal to 1000 liters, and one liter is equal to one cubic decimeter. If you don’t want to remember this, then just use our convenient online calculator m3 to liters. Just a couple of clicks and you get the value you want.

Interesting facts about the liter

  1. Liter is originally a French word that goes back to the unit of measure for sand and grain litron
  2. In the last century, the reference volume of a liter was for some time tied to the volume of one kilogram of water, but later the liter was equated to dm3
  3. However, one kilogram of water is incredibly close in volume to one liter.

Pre-performed calculations

  • 0.001 m3 = 1 l
  • 0.005 m3 = 5 l
  • 0.01 m3 = 10 l
  • 0.1 m3 = 100 l
  • 1 m3 = 1000 l
  • 1.7 m3 = 1700 l
  • 100 m3 = 100000 l
Convert m3 to liters

This standard liter, made from brass, is preserved in the National Museum of American History