Cylinders can be seen everywhere around us. Water pipes, various containers and even simple tea mugs are cylinders. Often we need to calculate their volume to find out how much fluid is needed to fill the space inside. We offer a simple and accurate online cylinder volume calculator. You can choose in which units of volume you get the result.

Online cylinder volume calculator. Fast and accurate

Radius is the distance from the edge of a circle to its center. Height is the distance from one circle to another.

The formula for calculating the volume of the cylinder

We use the calculation formula for the radius of the base and height. It looks like this:

V = πr²h

  • V is the volume;
  • π – 3.141;
  • r is the radius;
  • h is the height.

If you already know the base area of ​​the cylinder, then you can use a simplified formula.

V = Sh

S is the area of ​​the base of the cylinder. That is, the area of ​​the circle, which is calculated by the formula S = πr².

Online cylinder volume calculator. Fast and accurate

Let your cylinder never crumple