Square meters and hectares are units of measure for area. One m2 equals 0.0001 ha. To get a whole hectare, you need ten thousand m2. You don’t need to memorize this, or convert m2 to hectares in your head. Use our online calculator instead! A few clicks to see the calculation result.

Pre-made calculations

  • 1 m2 = 0.0001 ha
  • 10 m2 = 0.001 ha
  • 100 m2 = 0.01 ha
  • 1000 m2 = 0.1 ha
  • 10000 m2 = 1 n
  • 50000 m2 = m 5
  • 150000 m2 = 15 m

Interesting facts about hectares

  • The international designation for a hectare is ha
  • A hectare is a non-systemic unit of measurement, however, it is widely used in agriculture and when measuring a piece of land inherited
  • To imagine the size of one hectare, imagine a rugby field. The area of ​​the playing field accepted by the International Union of this game is 1.008 hectares, or 144 * 70 meters
Square Meters to Hectares

This is how a land plot of 1000m2 looks like from a bird’s eye view

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