The Acre (ac) to Hectare (ha) Conversion Calculator is a user-friendly online tool designed for quick and accurate conversions between acres and hectares. This tool is particularly useful for professionals and individuals involved in agriculture, land management, and real estate.

Acre to Hectare Converter

Convert between acres and hectares easily, just put any value below.

How to Use

To use this calculator, simply enter a value into the acre field to convert it into hectares, or input a value in the hectare field to convert it to acres. The calculator is bidirectional, allowing for conversions in either direction with automatic updating of the corresponding value.

Conversion Formula

The calculator employs the following formula for conversions:

  • To convert acres to hectares: Hectares = Acres * 0.404686
  • To convert hectares to acres: Acres = Hectares / 0.404686

These formulas provide precise conversions based on standard measurements.

Educational Insight

An acre is a traditional unit of area commonly used in the United States and the United Kingdom. Historically, an acre represented the amount of land tillable by a yoke of oxen in one day. A hectare, a metric unit of area, is widely used around the world. It is equivalent to 10,000 square meters and is commonly used in land planning and management.

One acre is approximately equal to 0.404686 hectares. Understanding these units and their conversion is crucial for accurate land measurement in various international contexts. This calculator offers a simple and effective solution for these conversions.