We all have to pay taxes so that the state can fulfill its functions, and our country flourishes. Sales tax is one of these. Most often, this tax is levied on the final buyer. Transactions between companies are not subject to this tax. Different countries call this tax differently, and unique percentages are also set. Here you will find a simple and convenient 8.25% sales tax calculator. You can easily calculate online any amount in any currency. Have it for free!

Some facts about sales tax 8.25%

  • It is precisely this percentage tax that is levied in Texas and Nevada;
  • Payment of sales tax impoverishes citizens on average by only 2 percent.
  • Depending on the state, sales taxes provide between 20% and 60% of state revenue.
  • An alternative to sales tax is value added tax. It is used outside of the USA.
  • Sales tax reduces the burden on the poor compared to VAT.
  • VAT allows you to get more money from the population than sales tax.
8.25% Sales Tax Calculator Online. Quickest Way to Calculate it

USA sales tax map by state

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