The Biweekly to Annual Salary Converter is an online tool designed for quick and accurate conversion between a biweekly wage and an annual salary. This tool is ideal for individuals paid biweekly who wish to understand their annual earnings or for those planning their finances and comparing job offers.

Biweekly Wage to Annual Salary Converter

Enter your biweekly wage, and we'll calculate your annual salary. This tool helps you understand your yearly earnings from biweekly payments.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Input Your Wage: Enter either your biweekly wage in the ‘Biweekly Wage’ field or your annual salary in the ‘Annual Salary’ field.
  2. Calculate: Click the ‘Calculate’ button to see the conversion.
  3. Results: The calculator will display the corresponding annual salary if you entered a biweekly wage, or the biweekly wage if you entered an annual salary.
  4. Reset: To perform a new calculation, use the ‘Clear’ button to reset all fields.
Biweekly Wage to Annual Salary Online Calculator

2 week earnings vs annual earnings

Formula and Calculation

The calculator uses the following formulas:

  • To convert a biweekly wage to an annual salary: Annual Salary = Biweekly Wage x 26
  • To convert an annual salary to a biweekly wage: Biweekly Wage = Annual Salary / 26

For instance, a biweekly wage of $1,000 would translate to an annual salary of $1,000 x 26 = $26,000.